General outline for iLED with links and documents where applicable.

PowerPoint for iLED 2015:
  1. Introduction to the LHC - interactive discussion
  2. Introduction to Conservation Laws - interactive discussion
  3. Introduction to detection of particles in CMS - online CMS detector animation:
  4. Introduction to Z and W Bosons and their decay - interactive discussion
  5. Introduction to invariant mass calculations - interactive discussion
  6. Analyze CMS Z and W Boson events - Masterclass measurement;
    1. student link for CIMA:
    2. student procedures for CIMA:
    3. admin link for CIMA:
    4. link to Masterclass W/Z path page:
    5. link to iSpy:
  7. Observe patterns in the data - inspect the aggregated data plots
  8. Where possible reach a consensus on the results - interactive discussions