Welcome to this Introduction to Particle Physics Workshop!
What's this about?
Big international collaborative science--like particle physics--is way cool. You can play, too.

How hard is it to get involved?
Not very. Follow the steps linked below to learn some of the physics background. (If you're taking chemistry now, you've had enough background to start that process.) Then use the form below to analyze some events, and write it all up in an online poster. You'll see...this exercise was designed for you. Read more here, or just get started below.

Where you you sign up?

So where are my events?

Your event assignments depend on the order in which you signed up for the workshop. Read the key above, and then click the key to take you to the signup sheet, where you can see the signup order and determine which set of 100 events are assigned to your group.


Once you've signed up and determined which set of events are assigned to you, proceed to the step-by-step map below.

Questions? Email Jamie Antonelli:)

Step-by-step Map

This section wil present a step-by-step guide for your activities in the workshop. While there is plenty of room for you to explore and learn in your own way at your own pace, this activity has ambitious goals and so is heavily-guided.

Below is a clickable guide to each step, which will be repeated (with one step highlighted in red) on each linked page as a navigation guide. "Follow the yellow brick road."

Write your Intro-->Write your Procedure Section-->Write your Results Section-->Write your Conclusion-->Write your Abstract-->Back Home

Forms for data input


Combined Group

Individual Groups

For individual group results, find the tab for your group in the spreadsheet below. Use the scrolling bar to migrate to the far right of your tab, where three histograms--one each for three different muon quality filters--will be visible.

Totals Spreadsheet