Here, document Px1, Px2; Py1, Py2, Pt1, Pt2 linearity for first 25K of 100k dimuon events.

(Alex: find the aberrant high energy point and remove it from the manyeyes data set, or do so in excel and document this anomalous linearity in excel scatterplots, or both. (Perhaps someone goes in one direction, someone else in the other....)

Here, document linearity between Mass and various momenta measures in same data set.

Comment here on remaining 3 quartiles of that 100k set. (Just check and affirm that they all behave the same way.)

Also chase down the high energy anomalous data point.

Rule out any changes made in data after it was posted on the CMS repository. (Make sure that aberrant point is in their data set, rather than in our own version only.)

Describe (document) our inability to find the high energy anomalous data point in the 3d event display (thus making a case for needing all the data available in 3d event display.) Also comment on the need for a search function in the 3d event display (adding a note to the google form we've set up for bug reports/feature requests/ performance commentary.