Welcome to the MichianaSTEM workspace for student and teacher CMS activities!
This site is the online workspace for the Notre Dame QuarkNet Center's CMS Data project team.
CMS is the Compact Muon Solenoid detector at CERN.
Summer 2013 introductory activity

Summer 2013 CMS Data project tasks:

I. Review, advance, and write up for publication the case for cosmic rays in the 2011 CMS publicly released 100K dimuon set
a. review the case (here and here and here) for isolation of cosmics
b. get to the bottom of the apparent ~40 GeV invariant mass cut-off

II. Represent cosmic rays in 3 dimensions
a. follow and refine this path toward a Sketchup representation of detector, shaft, and the angular distribution of cosmics in the data set;
b. represent this geometry in Lightwave software for translation into the Digital Visualization Theatre, working with the DVT group later this summer;

III. Investigate CMS new public released dielectron spectrum data
a. (see overview here.)
b. replicating the parameters used in the dimuon data set
c. exporting to and exploring in ManyEyes

IV. Continuing to build out the MATLAB GUI for CMS data exploration
a. To our student-written GUI, we want to add new features: importing datasets on demand, saving cuts to data set; perhaps bidirectional text box for entering cuts even with equations; perhaps a plot-fitting and subtraction tool.
b. Continue export project (as windows executable (.exe); as Java class); standing up Apache server to host servelets
c. Envision and construct online environnent for data exploration using servlet (plus manyeyes? plus e-Lab? plus ?)